“Search” is much more than making a film. It is to protect and claim our ancient tradition from being corrupted so that the Dalai Lama institution continues. We wish to engage Tibetans and their supporters particularly those that are highly influential in society, politics, business, media and non profits. It is a collective and collaborative effort. 

Our latest production is a short film titled “Arise/Longshog”. (click here). It is a fictional story delving into the onslaught of Tibetans resorting to self-immolations in defiance of China’s occupation over Tibet.  We have also made a prelude documentary (Click here) titled “The letter”.


We are seeking EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS/BENEFACTORS to move the project forward. However, as an immediate action we are looking for 100 searchers (participants) to raise the Phase I budget. Essentially, we wish for supporters who understand the importance of the subject of the film. Although the movie business is focused on glamor and money, this film seeks to embody deeper ideals, making its goals an entire people’s preservation and empowerment. To learn more click here