Circa 1391 western Tibet: Bandits raid a nomadic family. The mother hides her newborn baby under a rock to protect him. When two hungry foxes come to prey on the baby a huge raven appears and saves the child. Picture 1 v2

The character of Michael Pearson begins his assignment to write a series of articles on the institution of the Dalai Lama with this mythical story in mind. He is in India. 

As Michael’s research progresses and we see it being re-enacted, a personal quest shows him contemporary Tibetan life in exile. He finds that the ancient Tibetan traditions of divination, interpreting dreams and consulting oracles still continue. It is a way of life. When he begins to experience dreams himself, he realizes the truth in the mystery lady’s statement. “Somethings in life cannot be explained. They are felt and experienced”, she says. Michael now begins to believe.